The 2019 Enove Annual Celebration is grandly held



On January 11,2020,the 2019 annual celebration started with the wonderful and sincere New Years speech by Mr.Qin Xiaopeng,general manager of the company.In the past 2019,all colleagues of Enove worked together to achieve the set goals,looking forward to 2020,hope and difficulties coexist,the development of the industry,peer progress,forcing us to seek for breakthroughs and changes,adjust the product structure,accelerate research and development innovation is imminent!Break the cocoon and out can have a new world.




The partners of Enove are full of vitality,courage to forge ahead,willing to contribute,it is because of your pay,have Enoves progress today,it is also because of you,Enove is full of endless hope!Good food and wine are ready for you...




Wash dust,forget tiredness,let us enjoy the joy!

The game is wonderful,fight with strength,fight with appearance level,fight with cooperation,not for win or lose,just to be funny,we are immersed in a sea of joy!







Joy and surprise are perfect!As in previous years,the lottery link is indispensable,the annual meeting set up big prizes and a number of lucky awards,plus general manager Mr.Qin and deputy general manager Mr.Weis red envelope in WeChat,let the scene partners excited.Surprise,disappointment,clam,cheer continued to rise.




Along the way,a lot of partners grow up with Enove together,immature face has been mature,time took away the youth,but left us the firm will not be afraid of difficulties.

Send extended wishes to staff friends whose birthdays coincide.





At the end,awards will be given to outstanding employees with outstanding performance in the work of 2019,encouraging them to make persistent efforts,continue to strive for excellence in the New Year,drive colleague to make progress together,and make greater contributions to the development of Enove.



You are not the one to build your dream!In 2020,full of hope and challenges,everyone will give out a brilliant light.We firmly believe that gathering wisdom and courage you set sail with Enove!

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